Antonia - Concord, NH

I started working out when I was 18 weeks pregnant. I joined the group fitness classes with coach Amanda, she is so motivating, professional, and knowledgeable! The workouts are a great mix with functional, meditative, and breathing activities. It was challenging sometimes but in a good way. I always felt safe doing the exercises. Even though I consider myself as a fit and active woman, I needed Amanda and her workouts to get my body stronger for this special journey. I felt great during my whole pregnancy even the last couple weeks. I was physically and mentally ready for labor. I delivered at week 39 a healthy baby boy. It was an “easy” and quick delivery. I’m sure because my body was so well prepared. THANK YOU!

Kieran - Concord, NH

Phenomenal!  I worked with Amanda the majority of my second pregnancy.  I consider myself an active and fit individual but working with her made me feel stronger than I have in years – I was physically and mentally ready for labor because of her.  Amanda is professional, knowledgeable and caring.  She taught me how to correct my current movement and breathing to make my body stronger and prepare me for pregnancy, birthing and postpartum recovery.  I was working out until the morning of my due date and would have continued, but my water broke that night!  Her training not only included the physical aspects, but the mental aspects through meditation, visualization, etc. After working with Amanda for 6 months of my pregnancy in group and one on one settings I truly feel that my investment paid off; my confidence was boosted, her positivity really helped me to focus, remain positive and relaxed during my labor - and did I mention that i invited Amanda to be present during my birth - it was so very special.  My daughter Lennon is calm with her because she knows her voice from all the time we spent together while she was in utero – I consider Amanda to not only be my trainer, but my also a mentor and my family!  I have so much love, respect and admiration for her.  If you can work with her – don’t hesitate!

Kathleen - Londonderry, NH

I cannot say enough great things about Amanda! I love her fitness classes where I can not only bring my baby, but she shows us exercises we can do with baby in our arms! I also recently had a private consultation with Amanda where she provided helpful advice on how to get my health back on track after baby, and to help prepare my body for baby #2 when we're ready. As someone who has struggled with miscarriages and infertility I know how hard it is to find such a knowledgeable, genuine person to have in your corner. I would highly, highly recommend Amanda to anyone.

Katie - Manchester, New Hampshire

At 35, I  was pregnant with my first child. I was concerned about how my body would recover.  I knew I wanted to have a natural birth if possible and wanted to be in the best shape possible. I first met with Amanda when I was 12 weeks pregnant where we did an assessment - turns out I had no idea how to breathe correctly. She was so patient and took her time with different techniques on how to breathe through my diaphragm. That night I started sleeping better and waking up less often. I worked out with Amanda from week 12 through week 37 (when I was induced). Where we continued to work on my breath work, strengthening, and labor training.

I am so thankful for her knowledge and all of the practice during her classes which prepared me for child birth.  The Labor and Delivery Staff were so impressed by my stamina (my induction was a three-day ordeal). After my delivery, I was moving around well with minimal discomfort. I am currently 11 days postpartum and feel and look amazing. I can’t wait to get cleared for exercise to join her postpartum classes.

Samantha - Southern New Hampshire

Amanda provides extremely thoughtful guidance for working out both during and post-pregnancy. The workouts she puts together are extremely well-rounded with functional, meditative, and breathing activities incorporated. It’s awesome to get workouts to do on paper and in pdf form on days when training sessions are not happening, and she is available for questions during sessions and in between. Her Instagram is also awesome and provides great content!! I would have done so many unhealthy exercises for a pregnant body if I had not worked with Amanda and likely saved myself from much core damage and also was thoroughly prepared for the breathing and mindfulness during labor.

Elle - Boston, MAssachusetts

When I started my program with Amanda, my main goals were to lose weight, get back into a fitness routine that I didn’t have to think twice about, and to stop thinking about the way I looked every day. Amanda took so much time getting to know me, my story, and many of the things I wanted to and should work on. She made me feel comfortable from the start which helped me open up and share my struggles. She was super organized which kept me on track and always had advice or material for me to look at no matter what the topic was. We started small and chipped away at my goals, and she was sure to check in on my original goals multiple times throughout my program so that I didn’t lose sight.

The most significant overall change I noticed is my happiness. Since working with Amanda, I am so much happier and confident in myself. I know my self worth more than ever and feel grateful for all of the wonderful things in my life. I would describe Amanda as understanding, supportive, kind, smart, and driven. Although I never got to meet Amanda in person, I felt like she was one of my girlfriends that I could have an open and honest conversation with over the phone. She was never late to a session and made sure I had everything I needed from session to session. It is clear that she is deeply passionate about what she does and it goes without saying that she cares about the well-being of her clients.

I would recommend Amanda to anyone looking to make positive changes in their overall health. It is amazing how much different parts of our lives are intertwined. It was with Amanda's help that I realized this more and more and was able to give the attention to these different parts of my health that they so much needed and deserved. It was so great working with Amanda for the last six months. I looked forward to our sessions every two weeks and never felt like I couldn't reach out in between. She is so motivated and driven by helping others and I know she is going to do amazing things with her passion and knowledge. Thank you for changing my life. I didn't know where to begin when I started, but I quickly discovered I was in the right place.