pre/postnatal exercise

Corrective exercise targeted towards prenatal and postnatal movement is beneficial for women preparing their bodies for pregnancy as well as pregnancy through all trimesters and postpartum. With an initial movement assessment, our team will identify muscular imbalances, and from there be able to personally design you a safe and effective workout program for your unique body and needs. Corrective exercise uses strengthening and recovery techniques to optimize your bodies performance to reach your goals, reduce pain, and be a better mover!

Prenatally, training includes diaphragmatic breath work, pelvic floor and core development, functional training, and birth training with mental imagery that prepares mom for birth as well as her postnatal journey. For baby, prenatal fitness training can relate to increased nutrients to the placenta as well as detox from the placenta, fewer fetal interventions, fewer fetal affected complications, and enhanced abilities before and after birth for child throughout their entire life. For Mom, prenatal training can relate to less pregnancy weight gain, fewer pregnancy discomforts such as low back, hip, and pelvic pain, decreased stretch marks and varicose veins, decreased risk of interventions and pain relief in labor, and less time spent in labor.

Postnatally, focus is on strengthening the core, increasing energy and strength through the whole body, and reducing stress. Being a core specialist, Amanda also can assist you prenatally with diastasis recti and c-section healing. Training includes breath work, core training, functional training, imagery techniques, and flexibility training. Postnatal exercise can help Mom connect to baby while reestablishing her global kinetic chain and heal the deep core. This specific training can aid in Mom safely reaching her goals and mentally preparing for new challenges ahead. 

There are many ways to work with Amanda and Kieran towards your movement goals. Schedule a comprehensive movement and pelvic floor assessment, work privately with our team, grab some friends for semi-private training, or attend a group fitness class. For additional package options email our team directly at, find a list of our group prenatal fitness and postnatal classes here.

Semi Private Training

Want to workout in a private setting, individual to your goals and body, but want to keep costs down? Try semi private training with a fellow pre or postnatal buddy! Grab some friends and let’s work out! Minimum two people. This option is only available in person. See programs tab for pricing.