2018 Holiday Gift Guide for Pregnant Moms, by Pregnant Moms!

I took a poll on the internet, to try to find out what pregnant women wanted most! Surprisingly when I first asked this question, many replied with answers of things they wanted for their babies and not them! Don’t worry, I didn't stop asking until I got an answer about what mom really wanted for herself. As we all know, if mom has what she needs, she will be able to better show up to the world. I love how many of the answers I received were ones that reduce stress and help mom be more healthy during her nine month journey. Any pregnant woman in your life will be very pleased, maybe even pleasantly surprised with any of the gifts from this list. Let’s see what the women want!

Massage - 33%

First up, the most popular responses were prenatal massages and self care items! Make sure when purchasing a massage gift card you ask if there is actually a prenatal massage therapist who works there. In my city, I am even able to find massage therapist who solely specialize in pre and postnatal.


Self Care Items - 33%

Most popular suggestions include:

-Earth Mama Organic Nipple Butter

-Earth Mama Herbal Perineal Spray

Earth Mama Belly Butter

Sarah - “Body Boost Fragrance Free Stretch Mark Butter! It is affordable, has simple ingredients, and is not sticky at all!”

-Bath Salts

-Ancient Minerals Magnesium Spray

-Essential oils: Frankincense, Ylang Ylang, Lavender

-Dry brush

Next up, popular responses were comfort and fitness! In celebration of the holiday season, check out some of my amazing discount codes below!


Pregnancy Pillow - 26%

Use code: GRATEFUL50 for 50% off of an initial Comprehensive Movement and Pelvic Floor Assessment!

Private Training Sessions - 26%

Use code: GRATEFULPF50 for 50% off of a Pelvic Floor Assessment!

Pelvic Floor Assessment - 20%

Katie - “Doing the pelvic floor assessment with Amanda helped me realize how many different parts there are down there! It was nice to get specific exercises on how to strengthen (and relax) those muscles to make childbirth easier.”


Clothing - 20%

Sam - “I loved Champions black leggings from target! I just got a size up and they fit me so freaking comfortably.”

Comfy slippers and fuzzy socks - 13%

Mani/Pedicure - 13%

Cleaning Service/ House cleaner - 13%

Sam - “For working to keep moving since standing at my desk too much made me light headed in the 3rd trimester.”

Exercise Ball - 13%

Food/ Tea - 13%

-Red raspberry loose leaf tea

-Chamomile and lavender sleepy tea “for evenings to relax” -Sam

Most popular suggestions include:

-Navitas Organics Essential Superfood Blend

Consult with a nutritionist - 7%

Meal delivery service - 7%

Books - 7%

Most popular suggestions include:

-Mama Natural Weekly Pregnancy Book

-Birthing From Within

Mommy Time! - 7%

(although I think 100% of all pregnant moms would want this!)

Antonia - “I really like not thinking about cleaning the house, grocery shopping and so on, just concentrating on me and the baby. I like taking baths now, even though I hated baths before being pregnant. And getting a foot massage! And now I really like the breathing techniques, exercises and meditations in your training!”


Acupuncture - 7%

Candles - 7%

Now that you have a bunch of idea, shop smart and try to buy local and/or from small businesses! As always with any food or self care product, try to find those with the cleanest ingredients. I would love to know what you do end up purchasing for the pregnant woman in your life, please send me an email at healthyafay@gmail.com. And if you are reading this currently pregnant or postpartum, how did we do? What else did you love or would you love to receive during your pregnancy? Thanks for reading, stay healthy -AF!