Why Thrive Market is Key: Plus My Favorite Products

I am normally the type to avoid memberships programs because I fear I will never use them and not get my moneys worth. Totally not the case with Thrive Market. For the first time in history, organic and non toxic products cost the same price as conventional ones. This year alone, I have placed 14 orders, and it's not even December! I have been using Thrive Market since 2015 and so far, my lifetime savings is $2,022.35! Thrive Market is extremely convenient, you can place orders straight though their app or online and receive it in the mail 4-5 days later. Along with convenience, let me tell you why it is so worth it to have a Thrive membership then I will show you some of my all time Thrive favorites!

1. Product selection. Gunnar Lovelace, CEO and co-founder of Thrive, started the company to get healthy food into the hands of everyone, especially those who never though they would be able to afford it. The company stocks the top 3,500 high quality healthy and natural products at 25-50% off. They strive to commit to being a completely non GMO company and most of the products are organic and sustainably sourced. Thrive carries all of my favorite things from major brands like Epic and Siete and also a pretty amazing Thrive Market brand. People have coined Thrive as a cross between a Whole Foods and Costco. Whole Foods products with a Costco price. Which leads me to number two.

2. Price. Thrive Market does not make their money on the actual products they sell, they solely make their money through memberships. This deep community based company allows its members to receive wholesale pricing, with Thrive taking out the middle man. And as for the yearly membership (which by the way is only $59.95), if you do not make back the difference in a year, Thrive will give you the difference back! It is a win win situation! There is a minimum order price to hit to receive free shipping AND a free gift. This is where ordering online gets me, I hate paying for shipping. I make sure to spend the minimum ($49) each time I place an order to ensure the free shipping and gift. Each day, Thrive posts a new free gift when you place an oder, I have tried so many neat new products because of Thrive, including my latest free gift - golden milk and macadamia nut milk!

3. Sustainability. All of the packaging used at Thrive is 100% recyclable and compostable. As for a truck delivering your package, think of it this way.. The truck is already en route, delivering hundreds of packages on said route versus you leaving your home to drive round trip to the grocery store to pick up a just a few items. Also, once you start using Thrive, your frequency to the grocery store will go down since you already have groceries at your home.

4. Community. A little background about Gunnar, the CEO.. He grew up in a poor household with a single mom, trying to make ends meet. He watched his mother struggle to put healthy food on the table but buying organic was not in the picture because it was too expensive. When his mother remarried, her new husband owned a food co-op and Gunnar learned the power of buying food collaboratively to make it more affordable. He realized there was a market for this same concept online. Gunnar created Thrive market and the company tries so hard to get memberships into everyones hands.  For every paid membership, Thrive donates a membership to a low income family, teacher, veteran, or student. So when you purchase a membership you are giving back too.

5. Make Money. When you become a Thrive member you get your own unique code to give to friends and family. When ever someone purchases a membership using your link, you receive $25 in Thrive credit. 

Okay now the fun part, below is just a handful of my favorite items I choose to purchase through Thrive Market. I rarely run into an issue where Thrive does not carry an item I want, it is usually the other way around with the health food store I am in not having the product.

Thrive carries their own line of products, which makes them even more affordable! My favorites include their spices which are non irradiated and organic, gheecollagen peptidesnut buttersolive oilcoconut oil, and baking flours. Other Thrive Market brand products that save me a ton of money are their supplements, essential oils, and cleaning supplies!

Other awesome products I regularly get at Thrive include apple cider vinegarceltic sea saltpink salt, dulse and kelp seasonings, Primal Kitchen dressings and mayo, matchapasta and pasta sauces, and chocolate bars! Once in a while Thrive will send out an email with a percentage off your whole order promo code, I use these codes to stock up on my staples!

I frequently purchase my personal care and home cleaning products through Thrive as well. My absolute favorites include Dr. Bronners soaps, mymatcha stick, lip balms, Primal Pit Paste deodoranttoothpaste, face and hair oils, and laundry powder.

What are your favorite items you get from Thrive? Do you also agree that you love your Thrive Membership? And if you have never tried Thrive Market but want to give it a shot, as a special for my readers, you can try Thrive Market with 25% off your first order, free shipping, and a free 30 day trial by clicking this link.

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