The Functional Bump

show up. get strong.

be funky.

fitness for preconception, pregnancy, and beyond

Moving your body before, during, and after pregnancy yields exponential benefits for mom and baby! It is 100% achievable to come out of your pregnancy far stronger and more functional than you were before. Maybe even the strongest and most functional you have ever been in your entire life! For baby, training during pregnancy can relate to increased nutrients to the placenta as well as detox from the placenta, fewer fetal interventions, fewer fetal affected complications, and enhanced abilities before and after birth for child throughout their entire life. For Mom, training during pregnancy can relate to less pregnancy weight gain, fewer pregnancy discomforts such as low back, hip, and pelvic pain, decreased stretch marks and varicose veins, decreased risk of interventions and pain relief in labor, and less time spent in labor. Post baby, exercise training will help Mom deepen her connection to baby while reestablishing her global kinetic chain and heal the deep core. This specific training can aid in Mom safely reaching her goals and mentally preparing for new challenges ahead. 



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